Animal Clinic Northview’s Center for Canine and Feline Reproduction and Infertility is one of the most comprehensive facilities for breeding in the world. Whether you are a local breeder or you are visiting from another state or country, we are highly knowledgeable and experienced to assist with all of your reproductive needs.

Pre-breeding evaluation is an important facet of any successful breeding program. Animal Clinic Northview offers genetic testing and counseling, OFA and Penn Hip clearance testing, and complete semen collection and evaluation services. We are highly versed in addressing the unique needs of purebred dogs.

The veterinarians at Animal Clinic Northview have a thorough understanding of hormonal function as it relates to reproduction. We offer on-site progesterone testing, with accurate results in less than one hour. In addition, we are comfortable with sensitive hormonal testing and manipulation in order to properly manage breeding programs and to assist in the treatment of disease and infertility in both the male and female reproductive systems.

Animal Clinic Northview is highly skilled in handling fresh, fresh chilled, and frozen semen. We are home to the International Canine Semen Bank of Ohio (ICSB-Ohio). We offer domestic and international shipment of semen, and we are familiar with the regulations and requirements necessary for successful deliveries.

By using proper hormonal timing and manipulation, appropriate methods of insemination, and accurate pregnancy monitoring, Animal Clinic Northview has the experience to help successfully manage your breeding program.


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