Rehabilitation and Underwater Treadmill Therapy

Animal Clinic Northview offers a wide range of rehabilitation services including:

Postoperative orthopedic surgery rehabilitation
Weight management
Disc Injury rehabilitation
Therapeutic laser treatments
Passive Range of Motion
Proper fitting for orthotics and braces, or other medical devices, such as carts
Rehabilitation plans for home care
Underwater treadmill therapy


What is the Underwater Treadmill?
The underwater treadmill uses the therapeutic properties of water to support exercises that will help improve strength, coordination, range of motion, and endurance levels in your pet.  Our pet rehabilitation technicians use the buoyant property of the water to reduce the risk of injury on joints and muscles. In addition, the water temperature in the treadmill is approximately 90 degrees.  Warm water can not only can reduce pain, but it can also increase blood flow and flexibility, therefore aiding in recovery times. Each underwater therapy session is customized to meet the specific needs and limitations of your pet.  Water height and speed of the treadmill are adjusted to fit your pets' therapy requirements.

Who can benefit?
Aquatic therapy is a low-impact, high resistance form of exercise making it perfect for any pet, but it is especially beneficial for:
Postoperative care
Soft tissue injuries
Muscle weakness
Neurologic impairment
Geriatric care
Overweight (weight management)
Spinal disc disease

While the underwater treadmill can be an effective form of medical treatment for most pets it is generally not recommended for pets with sutures from surgery, certain skin conditions, and for those patients with respiratory or cardiac disease.  As with any exercise program, please consult your veterinarian before undergoing any rehabilitation or therapy session to ensure that your pet is properly evaluated.

Animal Clinic Northview offers multiple rehabilitation packages, including postoperative orthopedic care and fitness plans through our “Healthy Pet” program.

Please contact the rehabilitation department with any questions or concerns.

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