General Surgery

Animal Clinic Northview is pleased to have the capability to manage most surgical needs, from minor to complex, that your pet may require throughout his or her life. We aim to provide exceptional surgical care, focusing on the safest anesthetic options, excellent pain management, and outstanding patient care while your pet is with us. Your pet’s comfort is our top priority before, during, and after surgery. Whether they need extra blankets and comforters, or just someone to sit with them, we are here to provide individualized attention to decrease their stress while away from home.

All patients undergoing surgery will have pre-anesthetic bloodwork, an IV catheter, appropriate pain medications, and any additional screening tests needed. While under anesthesia, we monitor blood pressure, EKG, blood oxygen levels, body temperature, respiratory rate, and end tidal carbon dioxide levels. We maintain the patient’s body temperature with the use of warm air blankets in order to prevent heat loss during the procedure. Our technicians remain with each patient from the beginning of the procedure until they are fully awake. We have a dedicated ICU for pets who require additional monitoring and care. Our standards were established to deliver the best options available and encompass all aspects of care. We will not substitute cheaper, lower quality materials in order to cut costs at the risk of your pet incurring avoidable consequences.

For your pet's specific surgical needs, we have laser surgery, therapeutic laser, electrocautery and radiosurgery, and multiple minimally invasive surgical options.

Please let us know if you would like a tour of our surgical area and we will be happy to show you around!


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