Endoscopy and Laparoscopy

Animal Clinic Northview is very proud to be a leader in providing minimally invasive procedures for your pets. We are all familiar with the advantages that humans have experienced from endoscopy with procedures such as gall bladder and appendix removal. Animals can now benefit from this same technology in a variety of procedures. Reduced pain, faster discharge from the hospital, and a quicker return to normal activity are just some of the benefits that patients can experience when endoscopy is used as part of their diagnostic and therapeutic plan.

• Smaller incisions
• Minimally invasive
• Can be an alternative to major surgery
• Provides faster recovery
• Reduces pain for your pet
• Can accurately diagnose your pet’s condition so that an appropriate treatment plan can be implemented

Common Endoscopic Procedures
• Laparoscopic Spays
• Bladder Stone Removal
• Cystoscopy (Urinary tract evaluation)
• Rhinoscopy (Nasal cavity examination)
• Laparoscopic Gastopexy (Stomach Tack)
• Gastrointestinal Evaluation
• Foreign Body Removal
• Liver Biopsy
• Abdominal Organ Biopsy
• Cryptorchid (retained testicle)
• Arthroscopy

Please call Dr. Randy Hutchison to find out if your pet’s procedure can be done endoscopically or to discuss any questions or concerns.


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