We are available to address all your pet’s dental needs, from prophylactic dental cleaning to advanced treatment options. Our doctors are all available for routine procedures, and Dr. Matt Wilson is available for treatment of root canal disease, oro-maxillofacial surgery/surgical reconstruction, dental implants, and complex extractions.

One of the most frequently questioned issues is anesthesia. We take many precautions to minimize your pet's risk with extensive monitoring and support. Prior to anesthesia, each patient will have pre-anesthetic blood testing to identify any underlying problems that may increase anesthetic risk. During the procedure, all patients are on IV fluids, are monitored for blood pressure, temperature, EKG, pulse oximetry, and end tidal carbon dioxide, and are kept at normal body temperature with warm air blankets. Each patient has one technician tasked solely with monitoring and hands-on care, while the doctor and a second technician focus on the pet’s dental issues.

Dental X-rays are recommended to identify any problems with the tooth below the gum line. Possible issues include a dental abscess from periodontal or root canal disease, fractured tooth roots, or impacted teeth.

Our goal is to treat and save teeth, not pull them! There are many treatments available to maintain your pet’s dentition without extractions. When removal is the only option, we are equipped to treat the most involved cases.








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