Behavioral Counseling

Animal Clinic Northview offers a variety of behavioral services including:

Pre-selection Counseling
Let us help you match the breed of dog or cat to your individual household requirements, leading to a better family fit and helping to prevent potential behavioral problems.

Puppy/Kitten Visits
At your first visit with your new family member, you will probably have a lot of questions. The staff of Animal Clinic Northview will take the time to answer them and guide you in the right direction towards helping you establish a healthy and well-behaved pet.

“Happy” Visits
Is your dog or cat afraid to come in our door? We encourage you to come in and just visit with your pet while various members of our staff provide praise and possibly, some good treats from home. This allows them to relax and realize that we are not all bad, leading to less stress in future visits.

Problems Visits
We can address house-soiling, fears and phobias, separation and generalized anxiety, thunderstorms and noise phobias, canine cognitive dysfunction (i.e. doggie Alzheimer’s), and many more.

Please let us know if your pet has any behavioral problems at your next visit. A separate appointment and/or history form may be needed for more extensive cases. Aggression cases may need to be referred.

Please contact Dr. Michelle Miller with any questions or concerns regarding Behavioral Counseling.


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