BAER Testing

BAER testing (Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response) is a hearing test that detects the electrical activity in the cochlear and auditory pathways. It works much the same way as an EKG detects the electrical activity of the heart. A small handheld device called a BAERCOM records the electrical activity produced in the auditory pathway via waves and peaks. The first peak of the response to the stimulus is the cochlear nerve, and the following peaks are produced by the brain. If a dog that cannot hear, a flat line result is produced.

In order to perform this test, the patient is given a mild sedative to ensure the most accurate results. Three small electrodes are placed under the skin of the scalp: one in front of each ear, and one at the top of the head. A soft probe is placed inside the ear being tested and produces the stimulus clicking. Each ear is tested individually, and the results are uploaded into a computer program that will print out the actual waveform.

Animal Clinic Northview offers individual or litter testing, and OFA screening as needed.

Please contact Dr. Pentecost with any questions or concerns regarding BAER Testing.


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