Advanced Technology

Animal Clinic Northview is able to offer many advanced surgical instruments to improve the quality of care and provide better diagnostics to our patients. We have fully digital X-ray and Ultrasound equipment which yields excellent diagnostic capabilities. There are many minimally invasive procedures that we offer that can either eliminate surgery or greatly reduce the healing time and recovery of your pet.

Some of the advanced options we offer are:
• Laser surgery
• Therapeutic laser
• Arthroscopy
• Endoscopy
• Laparoscopy
• Radiosurgery
• Cryotherapy

Veterinary Endoscopy offers you and your pet a less invasive alternative to traditional surgeries by utilizing a small camera or scope to evaluate the internal organs and tissues. For example, an arthroscope is used to visualize, diagnose, and repair issues within a joint, such as a torn ACL. A long flexible endoscope can be used not only to examine the gastrointestinal tract, but it may be able to retrieve that lost sock your puppy ate. By applying similar techniques used in human medicine, veterinary endoscopy allows you to give your pet the best and most advanced medical care.


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